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Keep your Feet Chiropody & Podiatry

- corn & callous reduction
- verruca/warts
- thick nails
- ingrown nails
- fungal nail infections
- diabetic foot problems & wounds
- biomechanical problems – arch pain, heel pain, ankle pain, knee & hip pain
- sports injuries
Routine Treatment £ 25
General foot care - nail cutting and filing,, hard skin removal and corn removal.
Verruca Treatmentfrom £ 10 per session
Cryotherapy is used to freeze the Verruca to gradually reduce the size until the viral lesion is removed.
Padding £ 3
Deflective padding is used to cushion the foot or deflect pressure from sore point son the soles or the toes.
Biomechanical Assessment£ 40 / 40 mins
Biomechanics is the mechanism and function of the body An assessment is carried out on the foot and leg to determine the source of a problem which if corrected can prevent injury or allow repair of tissues. A large number of the populations have biomechanical problems which can be unnoticed. Simple corns and callous can be reduced with correction of the foot position.
Reflexology£ 22 / 45 mins
A natural healing art, using reflexes in the feet which refer to zones that correspond to every part, gland and organ of the body Pressure and massage is applied to these reflexes relieving tension, improving circulation and helping promote the natural function of the related areas of the body.
Podo-Pedi£ 35 / 75 mins
A unique treatment designed for clients who require Podiatry treatment and also like to have the look of a pedicure. Includes hard skin reduction, nail shaping, cuticle treatment and polish.